lauren hansen

I am Lauren Hansen. There is a good chance you have bumped into me around Missoula in one or many different ways. A Missoula native and proud to say so, my love for this town runs deep and it’s that love that makes me so incredibly excited to open a business here.

The group that surrounds and supports me is rich in friends, family and acquaintances. My parents from early on have inspired me to live a full creative life - enter Thesis!

As far as skin goes, I have been an aesthetician for 8 years and found that I love focusing on skin. Through client consultation we can start each treatment focused, so that you always know your minutes on the bed are used with intent.

Tyler, Corbin and Henry, each day is fueled by you.


liz hamlett

As an esthetician I love so many different aspects of my job. I love helping my clients succeed in getting their skin healthy and happy. I love the reaction a client has when I've freshly shaped their brows. I truly do love it all. Helping people achieve their skin goals or brow goals (say hello to microblading!) and everything in between is what makes my job so special. When I’m not at Thesis you can find me working on my family’s cattle ranch, hanging with my son and family, skiing, re-watching The Office and exploring our beautiful state.

I look forward to meeting you all!



You’ve asked, here are the playlists of the studio - enjoy!